Instagram Pictures - How To Save Or Download Them?


Not like Facebook and Tweeter, there's no direct method of saving photos from social media platform Instagram. In order to protect copyright on pictures posted on the said platform, this is intentionally done. Instagram or IG does not allow users to save other people's photo from their platform. And while this might be cause some headaches to other people, this is implemented in their policy to be able to protect its users from having their work stolen by others.

I have provided simple steps on how to make it possible to Save Instagram Videos from such so if you want to know how, better keep on reading.

Step number 1. Login on Instagram - while a number of the IG users are using their smart phones to access photos, IG permits users as well to access it using a computer, which makes it simpler to save pictures. However, you must first  have an IG account on the app before you can login from your computer.

Step number 2. Find the photo you wish to save - photos from your friends are what's displayed by IG and does not allow you to explore other photos. And of course once again, this is done to protect copyrights of other photographers in the platform. What you can do here is, navigate on photos that you would like to download from specific page. Click on the grey ellipses (...), which is normally under the right corner of the photo or right part of the comment section.

Step number 3. Firefox - say that you're using Firefox, isolate the photo with "View Background Image" and then, right click on the photo and choose the option "View Background Image". It's going to open a new page that'll exclusively show the photo after doing such.

Step number 4. Chrome - if you're browsing on Chrome on the other hand, isolate the photo by using "Inspect Element". While such appears complicated, it's actually easier than what you think. All you need to do is click on the image and choose "Inspect Element" which brings up a sidebar with HTML code for that particular section. There's going to be a small section that's highlighted in blue which is often random string in parenthesis starting with https:// and ending with a .jpg extension. Once you see it, simply copy the highlighted code and paste it on your browser then, delete everything except the image code and do include https:// and .jpg then press enter to save the photo.

The image will go to your My Photos or Photo Library and named a random string of letters and numbers by default. Know How to Download Instagram videos here!